Brussels workshop boosts Ukraine-EU business ties, focusing on networking and innovation

Brussels, Belgium – April, 2024 The Ukraine Facility Platform (UAFP) is championing networking, support of business environment’s connections, knowledge exchange as the keys to a smooth EU integration process for Ukraine.

The UAFP emphasizes that investing in networking and knowledge exchange is vital to cultivate a skilled workforce, fuel innovation, and empower businesses to scale up. This focus aligns perfectly with a recent workshop organized by the Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Policy (DG NEAR) that brought UAFP, Ukrainian and EU business associations together.

The workshop provided a valuable platform for networking, identifying opportunities, and tackling challenges. It also fostered constructive dialogue aimed at improving Ukraine’s investment climate. By engaging key stakeholders and facilitating discussions on crucial economic aspects, the event significantly contributed to aligning Ukraine’s practices with EU standards and promoting bilateral business cooperation between the regions.

The UAFP recognizes that advocacy, facilitation, and networking are the cornerstones for achieving mutual progress and economic growth between Ukraine and the EU. They remain steadfast in their commitment to actively supporting initiatives that will not only bolster Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts but also ensure the successful integration of Ukrainian businesses into the robust EU market.

The UAFP’s emphasis on facilitating networking and knowledge exchange underscores its crucial role in paving the way for a successful EU integration for Ukraine. Thus, the UAFP aims to cultivate a skilled workforce, drive innovation, and empower businesses to flourish, ultimately contributing to a more prosperous and thriving Ukraine.