Ukraine Facility Platform (UAFP) began cooperation with the Netherlands to restore water resources in Ukraine during the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP)

UAFP presented opportunities for cooperation with the Netherlands to restore Ukraine’s water sector during the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP). This event brought together a wide range of stakeholders: representatives from the Dutch government sector, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the Dutch Embassy in Kyiv, and the Netherlands Enterprise Agency;

members of the Ukrainian government sector, including the Ukrainian Embassy in the Netherlands and the Ukrainian representation in The Hague; and non-governmental organizations: the Ukrainian Partner Fund, Primavera, and LifeLine Ukraine. This allowed for a high-quality dialogue between state and non-state organizations to work together to restore Ukraine’s water resources.

Valeria Loshmanova, a representative from the Ukraine Facility Platform (UAFP), emphasized the potential for synergistic collaboration between Ukraine and the Netherlands in addressing critical water infrastructure challenges. She stated, “Through concerted efforts, Ukraine and the Netherlands can work towards restoring sustainable water systems, mitigating environmental impacts, and ensuring long-term water security for affected communities and industries.”

Ms. Loshmanova expressed optimism about further engagement with the Netherlands Water Platform and its members, stating. “We look forward to exploring cooperation opportunities through the UAFP to leverage the expertise and resources of Dutch water management organizations. By combining our strengths, we can develop comprehensive solutions that address the pressing water-related issues faced by Ukraine in the aftermath of the conflict.”

Gideon Jan Buning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and Esselien van Erten from the Dutch Embassy in Kyiv provided information on the possibilities of supporting the kingdom’s steps to restore Ukraine.
Ukraine Facility Platform is a platform that unites various interested parties to seek and develop mutually beneficial solutions for Ukraine’s restoration, which align with the interests of both Kyiv and Brussels.

UWP3 Spring General Meeting

Russian aggression caused significant damage to Ukraine’s water infrastructure, estimated at $12.5 billion by the World Bank. Over 1 million people in Ukraine suffer from acute water shortages in Dnipropetrovsk, Kherson, and Zaporizhzhia regions. Water crisis leads to pollution and ecosystem disruption, agricultural losses, and industrial production disruptions.