Ukraine Facility Platform (UAFP) continues to develop energy-independent Ukraine

On June 10, in Berlin, on the eve of the “Ukraine Recovery Conference”, the Ukraine Facility Platform (UAFP) in partnership with Ukrenergo and Green Deal Ukraine is holding a special event entitled “Strategies in Action: Preparing to Launch Decentralized Energy Generation Projects in Ukraine.”

This meeting will become a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas between Ukrainian and European businesses, policymakers, key international finance institutions and banks together with representatives of local communities, including mayors.

The UAFP aims to formulate a clear vision and real steps for the development of decentralized energy generation in Ukraine.


  • Outline specific projects and initiatives that will help overcome the problems of today, become an effective response to the challenges facing the country in the coming years, and create a more sustainable, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient system.
  • Identify a number of other important areas for the development of Decentralised Generation in Ukraine, including ensuring the energy independence of small and medium-sized enterprises, stimulating international investment, and promoting the development of local communities.

Such projects require not only a clear strategy, but also the mobilization of all resources, both internal and international. This is a challenging task, but due to joint efforts and interaction, it is quite achievable.

“Strategies in Action” is another event of the Ukraine Facility Platform, which is committed to the successful implementation of Decentralised Energy Generation  projects in Ukraine, which, in turn, will be a key factor on the path to energy security, sustainable development and economic growth.
We invite everyone to join this important event!