ROUND TABLE: Ukraine’s energy future – building resilience through decentralization

On July 16th, the Ukraine Facility Platform is planning a hybrid event (online and in-person) focused on the practical aspects of decentralized energy projects, with a particular focus on city mayors and other key stakeholders.

With winter approaching and energy security a top concern, the upcoming event aims to:


  • Outline key energy system challenges and resilience-building steps for the next two winters.
  • Introduce UAFP’s decentralized generation model and explore scaling opportunities.
  • Showcase USAID’s regional support initiatives for decentralized projects.
  • Define effective cooperation mechanisms to prepare for upcoming winters and develop a sustainable system.
  • Identify and prioritize regulatory, financial bottlenecks, and propose solutions.


The goal is to develop a mutual understanding of decentralized generation, providing clarity on each stakeholder’s role and tasks, which will facilitate better coordination and more effective implementation of these projects. UAFP plans to establish close connections on this topic with relevant stakeholders and continue its work with the regions based on its model, in partnership with USAID.

Join us! Your participation and insights will be invaluable as we work to strengthen regional communities and secure Ukraine’s energy independence. Register today!